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ASRF Technical Advisory Committee - Advice Sheet 1/16

Suitable Tyres for Street Rods - Speed Ratings and Wet Road warnings

Occasionally the TAC Committee are asked how strict the ASRF are on enforcing the National Street Rod Guidelines (NSRG) ; re section 7 WHEELS and TYRES 

What prompted this is an increase in the number of Rodders wanting to run traditional Bias Ply or Cross Ply tyres or wide low profile tyres on their street rods.

The NSRG specifically states in 7.3.5
a/   Tyre speed rating must match Street Rod performance.
b/   Tyres should have at least an S-rating (180km/h).

So the answer has to be all tyres on Street Rods being inspected to NSRG v2 should have a minimum S Speed Rating
Regardless of construction, the tyres must meet the car’s performance as interpreted by the Signatory, and the rest of section 7 should be followed.

For Information on how Speed Ratings are calculated, Google “Tyre Speed Ratings” and have a read.

How Safe is your Street Rod on Wet Roads?

This started some discussion between various TAC delegates and we agreed the majority of Street Rod highway accidents are caused by losing control on wet roads.
In heavy rain conditions lighter Street Rods will aquaplane more easily than newer and heavier cars. We have also seen some lose traction taking off at wet
intersections, spinning the wheels when shifting from first to second then off the road before the driver can react.

Compounding this seems to be an increase in tyres intended for show or racing such as “DOT approved” Cheater Slicks and lightly grooved Street/Drag Radials, which are
not intended to be driven in wet conditions and aquaplane very easily. And of course tyres for agricultural use are also not acceptable for highway use.

All Street Rods also need to pass dry road brake tests and we have sometimes seen tyres that could not generate the minimum braking forces required, either through
their design or simply old age making them hard.

So please everyone, whilst we appreciate that it’s all about the look as much as how well it drives, let’s keep things safe and:

1/      All Signatories please ensure every aspect of the NSRG section 7 is followed;
2/     Rodders, if despite the above, you insist on fitting tyres that have greatly reduced grip then be aware of the possible consequences.
3/     Please drive to the road conditions at all times and be particularly careful in heavyrain.
4/     Hot Rod Tyre Sales Specialists note there is a duty of care to advise purchasers if they request tyres as above.
5/     Polishing off the first word on “Not For Highway Use” only fools yourself as we are watching for this as well.

Drive Safely.
ASRF TAC Committee

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